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Bib Night venue name change

Bib Night is in the same place.  It’s just that that place has a new name.  What was Triple B’s on Scurfield is now called “South Side Brew and Cue”.  So same location, new name.

Bib Night!

Come out to Triple B’s on Scurfield on Tuesday Nov 13th for our annual bib night.  No guarantees that there will be any actual bibs there, but we will have membership forms.  And it’s always a good time to chat with Master’s members about the up coming season.

2018/19 Schedule Posted

The schedule for the new year has been posted.

Note that while the dates are firm, the locations may change.  We’ll keep you as up to date as we can.

Ski Tuning Tools

This probably should have been the first article that I posted.  It’s hard to tune your skis if you don’t have the proper tools.

If you are doing any tuning yourself, the minimum tools you should probably have are an edge tool, hot wax iron, scraper and wax.

For Manitoba, you probably only need two . . . → Read More: Ski Tuning Tools

Fixing your ski base

I know I get gouges in the bottom of the skis, especially when Springhill’s groomer brings up some gravel near the lift line. Melting P-Tex onto your ski can seem a little daunting at first, but it is actually pretty easy.

At this time of year, I’d suggest getting a stone grind at your favourite . . . → Read More: Fixing your ski base

Edge Tuning

The snow out tonight got me thinking about getting the skis ready.  Taking care of your skis is time well spent.  And if you can do it yourself, a bit cheaper than paying to get it done all the time.

So here’s a quick youtube video on tuning your edges.  Hopefully it helps you out.

. . . → Read More: Edge Tuning

Tech Tips

Some notes about how to tune your skis and pointers on all things equipment related.

Pearls of Coaching Wisdom

Look for pointers from our Master’s coaches here along with notes about future lessons.

News about Bib night soon

Time to start thinking about skiing again.  You’ll blink and there will be snow again.

We are planning to have bib night on a Wednesday in November.  The date will be finalized soon.

Bonus Training

We are done with our previously scheduled events now, but there is still snow on the ground.  So we’re going to have another training night at Springhill on Wednesday March 14.  Come out and use the snow before it disappears.